Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Serving as your City Council member for the past six years has been an honor and a privilege.  During this time I have worked to preserve the quality of life that we all enjoy.  I am writing to you today to ask for your support in my re-election campaign for another term on the Fairfax City Council.

The City of Fairfax is a one of a kind place with a unique "small town" atmosphere.  We are a community with our own sense of place where neighbors work together on common causes and where our business owners live and invest.  We enjoy a rich history, a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities as well as superior citizen services - all at a low tax rate relative to the Northern Virginia area.  

In order for us to protect our distinctive community we need to look ahead.  There is no question that we are facing redevelopment opportunities due to our aging commercial and residential areas.  These redevelopment opportunities provide the potential to strengthen our local economy which in turn, can help to ease the future tax burdens.

But how much is enough and how much is too much?  It is a matter of balance.  As we complete the work on our zoning ordinance rewrite and begin the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan, it is essential to focus on a sensible approach to these matters.  During the next two years I will continue my efforts to:

  • Review development and redevelopment opportunities – We must take a balanced approach as we move forward to enhance and redevelop aging commercial and residential areas in a way to appeal to a broad  range including families, seniors, and the university community while  maintaining the character of the City.   
  • Preserve the residential character of our neighborhoods – Sustaining the quality of our residential neighborhoods is key to our success. Encouraging the rejuvenation and revitalization of our aging neighborhoods will help to maintain property values.
  • Promote economic development – A vibrant business community is crucial to the success of our city. A strong commercial base will provide economic vitality and a strong balance between the commercial and residential tax base.  It is important to maintain an environment that is “business friendly” and to streamline processes to the extent possible.  It is also important to patronize and support our City businesses.
  • Review development and redevelopment opportunities– It is essential to take a sensible, balanced approach as we move forward to enhance and redevelop aging commercial and residential properties in a way that appeals to a broad range, including families, seniors, and the university community while maintaining the character of the City.
  • Maintain a Well-disciplined approach to budgeting and spending – We need to manage our fiscal responsibilities in order to keep overall taxes as low as possible, yet attend to our infrastructure and preservation of the quality services we enjoy.

With your help, I will continue to serve as a member of the City Council with a balanced approach to ensure the preservation of the unique quality of life we enjoy.  In the coming weeks I will be out knocking on doors.  I look forward to meeting you, listening to your concerns and earning your support and vote on May 3rd.








Paild for and authorized by Ellie Schmidt for City Council Copyright Ellie Schmidt